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The Intangibles of Clinical Integration

I had the honor and opportunity to contribute to the community on the Intangibles of Clinical Integration. ¬†While I don’t portray myself as an expert the fact of the matter is that in order to achieve true integration Information technology needs to be intimately involved from the start. ¬†Here is an excerpt:


I often wonder why I decided to go into medicine. I recall countless evenings around a book with my fellow classmates discussing our aspirations of treating the sick and changing the world. Unfortunately that is just a distant memory.

What was once driven by the highest of altruistic endeavour quickly became about volume, E&M codes and dealing with insurance companies with declining reimbursement and dictation of care. At first glance it appeared that I was sold a bit of false advertising. I went through the paces that every young physician endures, building a successful practice, lobbying for my patients best interest and ultimately building a successful relationship with my patients. But there had to be more…….. Please click the link to read the entire article.